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The Hunter Valley provides visitors with many wonderful events throughout the year. Here in Broke Fordwich, we have a series of annual events to delight anybody who loves wine, food, culture and music.


Residents in Broke to celebrate sale of Hunter CSG licences

“After more than a decade of fighting coal seam gas development in Broke, residents will tonight rally at the town’s community hall for what they have dubbed a “farewell AGL party”.

Earlier this month, AGL announced it had sold two of its Hunter CSG licences as part of a New South Wales Government buy back scheme.

The licences covered more than 800,000 hectares of land in the region.

The Hunter Valley Protection Alliance’s Graeme Gibson said the Hunter Community Consultative Committee held its final meeting this week.”

"Tonight we're having what we're calling the 'Farewell AGL Party'," he said.

"It's to celebrate, I guess, a decade or more of grey-haired activists doing their best to save the Hunter Valley from AGL and CSG.

"We've had a win, AGL is going away, they are selling their properties in the Hunter, we have saved the vineyards so I guess it's time for a party."

Mr Gibson said the community had fought hard against the plans for over 10 years.

"The town is very excited and we could not envisage a beautiful wine growing area, backed up by yellow rock, with 300 gas wells on it," he said.

"(Along with) dirt roads, pipes, other infrastructure, it would have been a disaster, and that's only from a visual point of view.

"The possibility of contamination and loss of our water has gone away."


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