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The Hunter Valley provides visitors with many wonderful events throughout the year. Here in Broke Fordwich, we have a series of annual events to delight anybody who loves wine, food, culture and music.


Cooking School at award-winning Margan Restaurant - 14th and 28th of June

Celebrate Hunter Valley Food and Wine Month with a 'Garden to Plate' cooking class at the award-winning Margan Restaurant! 

2 Fabulous Garden to Plate Cooking Schools with Margan Chef Michael Robinson on the 14th and 28th of June, 2013.

Start your adventure with a tour of the beautiful Margan Kitchen Garden led by our horticulturist Pat Hansson.  Return to the kitchen with garden produce for a cooking school with renowned chef Michael Robinson.  Afterwards, kick back and enjoy the rewards of your labour with a leisurely lunch matched with award winning Margan wine.

Where: Margan Restaurant, 1238 Milbrodale Road, Broke Hunter Valley
Contact: Tel 02 6579 1372
When: Friday 14th and 28th June, 2013.
Time: 10am start with lunch to follow.
Cost: $85 per person.


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