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Eco Friendly

Four of our Waterview cottages, which are fully air conditioned in every room and are fully protected for thermal efficiency, are powered entirely by our own solar energy

with enough battery storage to run the houses for five days without sunlight and with backup systems which ensure the batteries are never discharged below 50% of their capacity to ensure their long service life. In its year of construction we were told by the Office of Renewable Energy Regulator that we were the biggest off grid installation in Australia.

The buildings which house this 40kw of solar collection and storage serve a second purpose of giving us our Powerhouse Function buildings, capable of hosting up to 120 people in various spaces within the complex.

The rainwater from all of these buildings is collected and pumped up to a 200,000 litre storage bank supplying a mains pressure quality pumping system which has so far satisfied all of our household water needs.

We also collect 20kw of solar power at our administration building and our Sandstone family cottages, all of which is fed back into the grid, dramatically reducing our power demand from the grid.

One kw of electricity generated at the point of consumption avoids up to 80% of transmission loss incurred in delivering power from coal fired power stations to the point of consumption, and so replaces up to 5 times the amount of power drawn from a coal fired generator.

We have state of the art water treatment of all effluent on the farm, with the treated water returned to the grazing areas to grow the grass to feed the alpacas.

Talk to our associated company StarTech Energy Pty Ltd about similar solutions for your energy supply.